Better Nutrition  

The craze to diet.  Avoid the “Quick – fix” diet plans & instead strive to commit to a lifestyle change involving better nutrition.  As you consider the following tips, realize you need not aim for perfection.  Instead, use the tips to guide you to a positive path to a healthier year.

 Check out 9 tips to beeter your Nutrition
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Set Quantifiable Goals:

Simply setting a goal to “be fit” is nebulous & undefined. Yet, to many of you, I hear that the problem is that “getting fit” is not easily measurable because it’s difficult to judge when you have arrived at your goal.  Goals must be quantifiable or proven to keep you on track & motivated.  Just as you wouldn’t start a road trip without travel plans & knowing your destination, you wouldn’t pursue fitness goals without knowing your destination, you want to accomplish, what steps will lead you to success, & what signs will validate your arrival or success.

To help you set quantifiable goals, ask yourself two key questions:  What are my current strengths & what are my current weaknesses?   A good program will serve to improve your weaknesses, while not neglecting to maintain your strengths.  Answering these questions will target your specific needs.

Conclusion: Natural talent is not controllable – improving fitness is.  Be the best tennis player possible condition & you will enjoy a new founded confidence on court that will help you through long, grueling matches.
Improve Fitness  

Wake – Up! You’re dreaming if you think that playing your best tennis will exist without first having fantastic fitness.  Start today to improve your condition & discover a new personal best on the court.

As a New Year & a new tennis season approaches, tennis players set new goals.  Improving your game & the enjoyment of the sport (of, I really mean your winning percentage) are most players’ desired accomplishments for the upcoming season.  Top raise both your physical game & mental toughness on the court, you’ll need to raise overall fitness specific to tennis. Two recommendations: First, address the five components of fitness, & second, set a quantifiable goal.
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Serina Williams & Roger Federer are Champion of th 2010 Australian Open.  Wasn't an easy road.  Justine Henin & Andy Murray put out a fight & a show for us.