Whatever Holiday you are celebrating, you bound to gain extra pounds.  Not good for your knees or your back. This is how you do survive - Do more Cardio to your routine during the Holiday season.  You want to still do strength training so you don't lose fat & muscle tissue. 
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If you play on a league (USTA or other leagues that require your rating), you need to know what level you play on.  10 years ago, USTA had Rating Clinics to get your tennis rating.  Now, you have to self - rate yourself, which can be confusing. Check out on my site onto Back to the Basics on Rating Guidleines.  Hope you can be satified with your rating.
Ed Tseng spoke @ BallenIsles on Tuesday, Nov. 10th, about some of his techniques & skills from his book "Game, Set, & Life."  If you have not read his book, I strongly recommended.  It is  the next hottest book on the market.  With his connections in Palm Beach County, Florida - he is able to come & speak at some highly know country clubs. You can go into the Health & Welliness Link of my site & oder his book.  Post your review & maybe next time he visits S. Florida you will be getting that special invitation to his next seminar.
Andre Agassi in the News. The big talk about his drug usage & inhancements in th late 90s while playing on the tour.   He will be interview on "60 Mimutes" w/Katie on Sunday, Nov. 8 at 7 pm.m est on CBS.  Lets here your input..