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What you see is what you get.

 Visualization is a tool to help attain goals.  Olympic athletes have proven that visualization is even an effective substitute for real practice.  When visualizing your goals, you live your accomplishments in your mind’s eye.  You will increase your chances of accomplishment if you are able to involve all of your five senses.
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Another 5 setter against Cilic.  But this time couldn't hang on.  Give a big hand for Cilic, playing outstanding match.  Roddick did well, but coundn't hang on.  After playing 2 matches that were 5 setters, it get tough on th bady.
After a winning the Austrialian Open last year, & a potential to win again.  Nadal had to retire against Murray with an Knee injury.  Too Bad.  You have to give credit to Murray, he is playing very well.
What a great match against Petrova.  With a 7-6, 7-5 victory.  She look strong out there.  Can she make it all the way?
Too bad for D. Safina.  She had to retire late in the first set with a back injury.  She sounds very disappointed & wanted to try to finish the match, but the pain was too much.  She look very fit & slim too. 
She wins again.  Maybe she will make it all the way.  This will be good - it gives the Williams sisters to get a good look at what is coming.
Another great match.  Roddick really show up for his match against Gonzalas.  His game has come to life.
U.S. Open champ meet up his match against M. Cilic.  Too bad, I thought he had a chance in winning the Austrailian Open
Murray wins over J. Isner who is 6 foot 9 inches & Nadel won over I. Karlovic who is 6 foot 10 inches.  Good job.  It is not easy to return those big bombers of serves.