Surely it’s a  first in the sport - a secret coach!

You would think that if you got the  job of coaching the world’s number one player then you’d like the world to know  about it. Looks great on the CV. But Caroline Wozniacki is to be coached from  afar by someone - rumored to be a top ex-player on the ATP Tour - because that  is what he wants.

"It is entirely his own choice," Wozniacki said. "It  was a joint decision that my dad and I took, although it was probably a little  more from my father's side. But I agree with it. He's still my dad and a really  good friend. In this way, it has not changed. I just get some input from the  other side, too."

The idea, according to a report in Denmark’s Ekstra  Bladet, is that the mysterious new coach will act as a technical advisor and  work through video tapes, although he might also more conventionally work with  her in person now and then. Meanwhile, Caroline’s father will continue to work  with his daughter as he has in the past - just with help from a figure in the  shadows.

"I will be the daily coach who tries to implement his ideas on  the practice court and in Caroline's matches," Piotr said. "And I must also say  that I believe in his ideas and fully agree with his observation. He also believes that we must go out from Caroline's current base. She should just get better at some things, but it must be built on in a calm and sensible pace

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