What do players chat about at the net? Usually it’s ‘Well done’ or something like that from the loser, maybe ‘Good match’ from the winner to his opponent. But when Roger Federer played Ilija Bozoljac they had time for a little more as they waited for Hawkeye to kick in to show the disputed final point.

"I asked him what kind of drink he wants later on in the bar," Federer joked. "No. I said, I think the ball is out, really. Anyway, I hope so. He goes, if it is out, I wish you all the best. Please keep on winning and stuff. It's like, Okay, we'll see. Wait for the call first, you know. But he was very nice. He was very supportive of me going on and playing very well in the next few rounds. He seems like a very nice guy. I've played him once in doubles in Davis Cup. He comes across as a very open and kind of cool guy. So it was kind of an unconventional finish, but he was a very nice guy at the net."

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