7. Clothing - It is best to choose light colored, breathable and loosely woven fabrics to help sweat evaporate easily.

Gear that Guards
Contemporary clothing manufactures offer added value to their sportswear lines: Ultraviolet protection, antibacterial, & moisture management.

Anti – Bacterial: Ah, the sweat smell of…nothing!  New innovations in tennis – savvy fabrics make you look good & smell good, too.  Dry – breathable fabrics include antibacterial properties to help stop the production of bacteria on your skin. 

Built – In Sunscreen:  many tennis & fitness apparel manufactures offer gear with sun protective woven into the fabric.  Ultraviolet (UV) protection in fabrics is achieved by using micro- polyester fabrics that are densely woven to block the sun’s rays before they reach the skin.  The most effective claim is around 98%, equivalent to an SPF of 50.


Moisture Management:  Exercising in high humidity & hot temps increases perspiration, & sweat often leads to sticky, wet gear.  To combat this discomfort, try contemporary moleculary – enhanced fabric that keeps you feeling dry & cool.  The treated clothing wicks moisture from your skin & transfers it to the surface of the fabric for rapid evaporation.

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