We were playing doubles and one of the players we were playing against carried the ball.

I called it a carry and we stopped play thinking that it was our point.

The lady who did the carry first stated that they were the only ones that could call a carry (the team that actually committed the carry and then went on to say that she did nothing wrong.  So my first question is:  Who can call a carry and my next question, is it illegal?  I was always taught that you could not carry the ball with your racquet but she stated the rule has been changed.  Can you please clarify?

KAUFMAN: As long as it is not deliberate with a deliberate second swing, and the swing is one motion, then it is a legal shot even if the ball hits the racket more than once.

If it is a deliberate attempt to hit the ball twice then it is not a legal shot and the player who committed the illegal shot would call it on his/herself.

This rule on double hits changed in the 1970s.

The Code #20 and #21, Friend At Court (page 47-48)

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