5. As you find yourself regaining your potential conditions and game form, you will probably want to start serious, focused practice with a hitting partner who shares your desire to improve.
    1. We now need to turn to the mental side of the game!  Most of us will spend lots of time training for tennis by hitting, running, strength training, etc.  But now, how many of us are willing to dedicate the time necessary to become a more mentally fit and competitive player?  First, we think every player had to have the right attitude about winning.

      Spring Training involves Goal Setting.
      We believe that every player needs a specific set of short and long term goals if he or she is to improve.  These need to be written down and referred to everyday. In addition, we recommend that you keep a daily journal for the two months, form now until June 1st.  In this diary, record what activities your performed that day, what problems you experienced, what progress you are making and any other insights that may come to mind.  Come June 1st, if you have followed the advise, you will be ready to play your very best tennis.  Once the competitive season begins in earnest, you will want to start experimenting with different strategies.  You’ll be able to because you will have improved your game by having done the necessary homework.

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