CNN will air Martina: My Toughest Opponent on Saturday, Aug 7, at 5:30p in London, 6:30p CET. Viewers will get to see a side of Martina they've never seen before. They'll see her traveling to her treatments while attempting to keep up her busy schedule. You will meet her doctor, see where she's getting treated and meet the group of friends who are determined to see her through this chapter in her life.

During January of this year, the tennis icon made a routine doctor's appointment and that's when cancer was spotted. Navratilova underwent a lumpectomy in March and completed six weeks of radiation in June. Navratilova allowed a CNN camera team to be alongside her as she tried to balance her treatments with her demanding daily routine at the Roland Garros. CNN was granted rare access and Navratilova is sharing her story with the world, so she can inspire women to get their mammograms and take a more active role in their personal health.

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