We all are aware of Andre Agassi’s Foundation For Education and his award-winning campus, which houses elementary, middle and high schools. Then there is Serena Williams and her Serena Williams Secondary School in Kenya and her support for education for kids all over Africa. And there is Roger Federer’s Foundation that also provides education and sporting opportunities for kids in several African countries.

Perhaps less well-known is the work undertaken by the Rafa Nadal Foundation in India, in collaboration with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. This consists of the construction and maintenance of a school and a three-court tennis training center with an aim to improve the future opportunities and quality of life of 150 boys and girls in Anantapur.

The boys and girls will receive educational support English and mathematics, reinforcing this with training in computer skills and improving their integral education through sport.

The project also contemplates nutritional and healthcare cover for the beneficiary students, in order to supplement their nutritional and medical needs. Sport plays a vital part in the aim of the project with the belief that, in addition to providing a healthy life, sports and games encourage youngsters to adopt aptitudes of comradeship and solidarity which they can then go on to develop in their daily lives.

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