Nadal is Impressed with Federer’s Tennis Records

They are both great champions and have both set enviable records that may never be broken. So Rafael Nadal was asked which of all the records Roger Federer has set does he see as the greatest achievement.

"Every one. Every one is amazing," he said. "If I have to say something, 23 semifinals in a row of Grand Slam. Because is five years, almost six years, playing all four Grand Slams. You can have no one injury, no one bad day, so is amazing. That's my feeling, no? So 23 semifinals in a row, in my opinion, impossible to do it another time."

And what about himself? Which does he see as his best accomplishment?

"81 matches straight on clay. That's a lot," he said. "I think that's the most impressive of my record, this one. Because, you know, in a lot of matches you have difficult moments. And not all the tournaments, not all the matches you are playing well. That's for sure. And you still winning. You still winning very difficult matches. 81 is a lot. A lot of days finish the match with the victory. And for me, that's, well, very difficult to repeat, too."

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