Andy Murray has made new overtures to Tim Henman, his predecessor as British no.1 and role model during his formative years, to take a coaching role with the world no.4.
Henman and Murray have maintained a close relationship since meeting as part of Britain’s Davis Cup team six years ago and the pair regularly talk on tennis matters.
Now Murray has admitted he would like to take things a step further but does not expect too much success in tempting 36 year-old Henman away from life working on his golf handicap, being the family man with three young daughters, a place in the BBC TV front line commentary team at Wimbledon and the occasional foray on the ATP Champions Tour.
"I would be interested in working with him," Murray said of Henman. "I might speak to him but I haven't yet. He's an ex-player who I am sure could help me in many respects.
"Unfortunately, I think he's quite happy on the golf course, so I'm not quite sure."
But only a matter of weeks ago Henman distanced himself from the role. “I'm a great supporter of Andy's and wouldn't rule out coaching at some time in the future, but not now," said the former world no.4.
Meanwhile Murray has revealed his working relationship with former coach Alex Corretja deteriorated during the Australian Open in January. The pair decided to part late last month.
Corretja was unable to join Team Murray for the trip to Melbourne and said: “The problem with the situation with Alex, and this is not a criticism of him, was that he was the most experienced guy on my team so he controlled my schedule.
“He obviously wasn’t in Australia and that’s where I feel the relationship maybe broke down a little bit. We still really get on as friends but if someone’s going to be controlling what’s going on, you need to have them there at the big events.”

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