All eyes will be on him during Wimbledon. Except for Thursday perhaps, when he’ll have to share the attention with Her Majesty. But Andy Murray doesn’t mind. It’s what he’s playing the game for.

"It's something that I've always enjoyed, playing in the big tournaments because that was why I always played tennis. I mean, obviously you want to enjoy it, but surely when you start playing a sport, you want to compete in the biggest events against the best players.

"When you get there, there's definitely a pressure that comes with it, but something you should be able to enjoy as well. That's it for me. I enjoy playing the big events. If there's extra pressure, I don't think it affects the way that I play. You just got to get your head 'round it and deal with the pressure. I don't know if it's something that you have when you're growing up or something that you can be taught. But for me, I've enjoyed playing in the big events since I was young."

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