Get Goals & Go for It: Aim High, Aspire to Greatness & Impact the Direction of Your Life

      Step 1: Goal – Setting

Striving for & attaining goals makes for a meaningful life.  Without goals, we are susceptible to feeling emotionally, socially, spiritually, physically, & professionally unbalanced.  Goal – Setting creates dive & positively affects your personality & character.

 When asked: “what are your goals in life?” many people respond,  “To be happy, healthy, & have plenty of money.”  As goals leading to actions, these goals are not adequate.  They don’t possess the key ingredients necessary to be effective, workable goals.  To change your approach to goal – setting, acquaint yourself with the following rules:

 Note: Stepping Stones: One step leads to another.  After an achievement, there’s a tendency to believe that more accomplishments are possible.  This positive cycle gains momentum & continues repeating itself.  Greatness, therefore, is achieved through small “stepping stones” of achievements.

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