Novak Djokovic announced today in Monte Carlo that he did not plan to continue his collaboration with Todd Martin who has been co-coaching him with Marian Vajda. “That’s the news, I am not going to continue working with Todd. I’m back with Marian. I have been with him all the time, he was all the time there. I tried to work with two coaches, but it didn’t work. Todd is a fantastic person, and he shared a lot with me, but it just didn’t work out in the end. We just separated with no hard feelings, and life goes on. I am now full time with Marian, and hopefully we can have a lot of success again.”

Asked whether he was being taught different things, Djokovic replied: “No, well, you always will have problems like that when you have two coaches. Even though they understood each other very well. Todd came a couple of months ago to our team, and faced a lot of difficulties you know to work on and off the court. It’s not an easy job definitely. He just didn’t have enough time to understand what I need what I do and how I am at the end, so life goes on.”

Djokovic who seemed to have a lot of problems lately with a modified service motion said he was going to try to go back to the old one.  

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