Former tennis great Jimmy Connors has returned to coaching 21st century style with a Smartphone app designed to teach the finer points of tennis to the masses. The 58-year-old Hall of Famer gives what appears to be his personal attention to each student's game through soon-to-be-released Android app.

The bad boy Jimbo of the 1970s is nowhere to be seen in "Jimmy Connors 109," a $10 cutting edge testament to the staying power of the old American pros. Connors now gives his on-court tips through the power of the computer chip. "I go back to basics, which is how I learned to play," said Connors at the launch. "I really believe simpler is better, and as I'm describing a shot or a grip, I'm showing you exactly how I did it."

The winner of a record 109 singles titles is keen to show he's no dinosaur, and is quick to point out his possession of Twitter and Facebook accounts. The Californian-based Connors said he's keen to keep in contact with his fans of all generations. "I'm just getting into the social media aspect, but I think it's great. And I hope this app will really engage people and they'll want to chat about it with me."

Since retiring in 1996, Connors has kept a low profile in tennis but has risen to the surface in recent years with his summer Wimbledon commentary jobs for the BBC and his coaching time with Andy Roddick for nearly two years from summer, 2006. One of the highlights of the Connors career was a 1991 US Open semi-final, played at the improbable age of 39.

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