It was common knowledge that Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin were not the best of friends, despite being the best of Belgium. They have very different personalities, with Clijsters bubbly and friendly and Henin more reserved and introspective. They also come from different parts of a country that contains a strong rivalry between the Flemish and French-speaking areas. But since they have both come out of retirement things are a little different.

"Yeah, I think so," said Clijsters. "It's not that in a way that it's completely black-and-white difference. But I think we've definitely grown up. I think we've had great times together playing Fed Cup and just, you know, messaging each other on phones, teasing each other, fun, you know, relax. I think that's how I would have liked it to have always been."

Henin agrees that greater maturity has improved their relationship.

"Our relationship is very good," she said. "We can feel we grew up a lot, both of us. I mean, Kim, of course, having a baby, and the distance I took also for two years. We had a fantastic time in the Fed Cup tie together. Probably discover each other not differently than in the past, but we more adults now, and we have a lot of respect. So, of course on the court, I mean, we both want to win, but the relationship is very good."

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